14 Mei 2011

Rodent tuber healing CANCER DISEASE

Rat taro plant has the Latin name Typhonium flagelliforme (LODD). Including who has a foreign name rudent this tube, has been used by residents of our neighboring country, Malaysia, as a cancer drug. Results of research from various institutions and universities in Malaysia and some countries have shown that the plant extract (juice) can destroy cancer cells. In general, the results showed the effect of killing / inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, eliminate the adverse effects of chemotherapy and anti-virus and anti-bacterial .

Plant chemical content has not been widely known or not yet published. However, based on the literature that records the results of research and experience from generation to generation from various countries and regions, this plant can cure breast cancer, lung, colon, rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, cervix, throat, bone, brain, spleen, leukemia, bile and pancreas.
And based on information from the user experience, this herb can be used to neutralize the toxic drugs.

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