14 Mei 2011

Heart Disease Cured Because BREADFRUIT LEAVES

Pain in the chest and sometimes on the arms had been long felt. Rapid palpitations accompanied by shortness of breath after working hard. She did not care, because "Just drink warm water while reducing activity, the pain will usually disappear soon", he explained.

However, from day to day, the pain was increasingly likely. Weight loss continues to decline, from the original 55 Kg to 47 Kg. He also often feel anxious, the body tired, lethargic and pale face. Then the finger so often feel cold and look bluish. The climax, she lay limp in a hospital bed after vomiting and shortness of breath.
The examining physician pronounced heart valve problems. "The position of the heart valves are not meeting", he said after examining intensively. As a result, the heart can not work optimally. Blood flow to and from the lungs and other body parts did not pass and accumulate in some places.

Accumulation of blood also cause impaired renal function. Back pain is felt that 70-year-old woman. Urinate too long was excruciating.

Kidney disease expert, dr. Rahardjo Pudji reveal heart problems and high blood one reason for the disruption of kidney function. Patients with heart failure, blood flow in the heart disrupted so that can not be cleaned properly. The impact, kidney function remove toxins and excess substances in the blood have to work harder. Kidney performance after a long time to decrease and not be able to function properly. Therefore, physicians who deal with her ​​after-care require hospitalization. "If not dealt with seriously, you can wash the blood", said the doctor.

From the symptoms felt by the woman, dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, traditional medicine experts suspect, the source of the problem in the coronary arteries. As a result, blood flow is not smooth and accumulate throughout the body resulting in swelling. Swelling of the heart vessels eventually pushed the valve up to its position not meeting.

Sentence doctor haunt his mind, how not, heart and kidney disease that often so killer now has menjangkitinya. Five-day hospitalization, he was allowed to go home. Doctors warned to reduce the total activity and rest.

During the 2 weeks of taking the medicine physicians, there has been no significant change. A friend who visited him bringing breadfruit leaves and suggested to drink boiled water. "Drinking after 2 hours of swallowing the drug doctor", he explained. Because he wanted to recover a try, especially by many who feel the efficacy of his breadfruit leaves.
Breadfruit leaves that will be the best medicine leaves that are a little older but still on the tree. Because the chemical content of leaves was maximum. Washed and dried leaves intact until dry.

Every day a breadfruit leaf torn into smaller pieces, then boiled with 5 cups water. While living half add water again until the volume reached 5 glasses anymore. After boiling mixture is removed and filtered. Red boiling water like tea that is drunk every day. "The water should be spent on the same day, should not be left for tomorrow today", he explained.

A month to consume boiled breadfruit leaves, fresh weight and urine added more smoothly. His chest began to feel plong, no more pain complaints. After three months he felt a healthy body as usual.

The result of physician examination showed heart and kidneys no longer problematic. Instead he is allowed to perform such activities when he was healthy. Source: Trubus.

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